This is the most dire outcome imaginable for The Misfits. On the off chance that anybody yet Jason or Danielle wins the Veto, the Plastics will all most likely be ok for the week of Big brother Naija. The main trust, other than Danielle and Jason winning, is for Whitney to descend and vote out Alex with Kryssie or Justin.

The Misfits understand this reality and despite the fact that they got what they needed with Alex going up, regardless they whimpered about the "shamefulness" of Alex "continually" getting her chip pulled. Jason even absurdly whimpered that they can't get a make back the initial investment after America has given him only breaks this week. 
America's chosen one makes Veto a considerably greater arrangement than some time recently. America may need Alex out of the house yet there is no less than half possibility that the Veto will be utilized to spare her. Jason and Danielle's huge bet to secondary passage a Plastic could reverse discharge in light of the fact that if Alex descends, Danielle is more than likely the person who will go out this week. 
In any case, what do you think? Is it accurate to say that you are energized by this most recent America's chosen one? Do you concur with America's decision? Do you trust Alex goes home this week? Who would you like to go home this week?